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Service Contracts
As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of mechanical breakdown increases.  Once you reach the end of your manufacturer warranty, those expenses will be out of your pocket. 

The Mechanic Service Contract offers four different levels of vehicle protection beyond your manufacturer warranty, including engine, transmission, air conditioning and break coverage.

Price varies based on vehicle.

3-for-1 Protection
ThreeForOne Protection bundles the coverages you need to keep your car looking new and in safe condition. 

This comprehensive program covers repairs to your tires and wheels, windshield, and paintless dent repair.  By combining three coverages into one program, you get more benefits for less cost.

Price: $1,589.00

Luxcare Protection
LuxcareXT is our exclusive car interior and exterior appearance protection product.

  • Helps maintain the color, texture and beauty of your paint
  • Creates a barrier against stains
  • Helps extend the life of fabric seats and carpets
  • Helps maintain natural softness of leather seats.
Price: $799.00

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