Things You Might Not Know About Car Wax

September 27th, 2020 by

Any driver in Grand Rapids is probably familiar with car wax. Most have used it at some point as a part of their own car detailing routine. Sharpe wants to help you learn more about car wax and its benefits. Here’s a brief look.

Car wax is made from, as you might suspect, wax. The wax can come from palm or carnauba, and it is combined with oils and solvents to make the solid product that you are familiar with. Wax can also be synthetic, but most detailers will tell you they prefer natural protectants.

When you apply wax to your car the result is enhanced protection from road grime and other dirt and debris. Wax is also a form of water displacement, helping to prevent spots and rings. Many car wax varieties also have a protection against UV rays that can cause a paint job to fade with exposure to the sun.

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