The Jaguar XJ Looks Impressive

January 31st, 2020 by

Jaguar has long been renowned for quality vehicles that offer elegance and performance. People who desire a spacious luxury sedan choose the XJ. The newest models are even more impressive in appearance. Our Sharpe location has the XJ on display. Come see us and ask about taking a test drive.

The body style exudes Jaguar’s excellence. The front has a bezeled, chrome air intakes and a bold, black mesh grille. Chrome accents continue around the vehicle. The aerodynamic profile moves smoothly over the hood and roof to sweep swiftly downward over the rear. The rear windshield blends effortlessly around the sedan in order to accentuate the vehicle’s long, wide and low profile.

LED head and tail lights provide amazing visibility while requiring less energy. They also last longer. The taillights have the ā€œJā€ running lights for which the Jaguar company is known. Elliptical exhaust pipes add to the overall look of elegance.

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