The Jaguar E-PACE Captures Attention

January 24th, 2020 by

The Jaguar name is synonymous with luxurious, sporty vehicles. With the E-PACE, the company delivers a stunning compact performance SUV. Fans of both Jaguar models and SUVs may feel surprised at all the performance features. The first things to catch eyes, however, might be the exterior ones.

The LED headlights do more than illuminate the road. They add to the aesthetics of the vehicle. The unique design presents a sharp, angled look that comes off like the SUV’s “eyes.” And the LED lights do more than look good; they don’t require much energy to operate. That means the lights drain less fuel.

The wheels also turn heads, and there are different options available for a buyer to select. Pick the right wheels with the perfect sporty style. Buyers can even go with wheels up to 21″ in size.

Looking at the Jaguar E-PACE is exciting, but not as much as going on a test drive in Grand Rapids. Come to our showroom at Sharpe to set up a drive.

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