Problems indicated by the Brake Pedal

September 17th, 2020 by

A properly working vehicle braking system remains vital in order to ensure the safety of occupants. The brake pedal often gives the first indication that a problem within the system is developing. When symptoms occur, it is vital that owners consult with our Sharpe technicians.

A brake pedal that goes too fast and low to the floor may indicate:

Low brake fluid
Contaminated fluid
Worn brake pads
Air in the brake fluid
Bad master cylinder
If the brake pedal seems too hard to push, the problem may involve:

Brake line obstruction
Vacuum issue in the brake line
Bad brake booster
Spongy or weak feeling brake pedal might indicate:

Low fluid level
Contaminated brake fluid
Bad brake pads
Should the brake pedal emit a vibrating sensation, the issue may involve:

Worn brake pads
Bad brake disc
Wheels out of alignment
Worn suspension components
A squealing sound heard when applying the brakes indicates:

Brake pads require replacement
Brake pad vibration
Brake gasket requires replacement

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