Community Spotlight:
Broadway Grand Rapids

Bringing the joy of
Broadway to all of
the West Michigan community.

SHARPE is proud to feature this month’s Community Spotlight: Broadway Grand Rapids. Broadway Grand Rapids works to bring world-class Broadway shows to the stage and the community. But they also believe that the arts have the power to change the world by teaching, inspiring and unifying audiences of all backgrounds. The arts are vital to a sense of cultural belonging, to social cohesion, to a sense of the possibilities in the world but oftentimes, access to the arts can be challenging for many. This is why they are refocusing their mission with new dedication and a new program called Broadway Arts Access. This community initiative is committed to breaking down the economic, physical and cultural barriers that prevent would-be audience members from joining shows. 

Aiming to welcome an audience that’s reflective of our West Michigan community, Broadway Arts Access will be composed of 3 pillars to help achieve these goals.

Seats for Kids, a continuation of a previous program, is a scholarship fund that provides free tickets to economically-disadvantaged children through local community service organizations and Title 1 schools helping to inspire children through the transformative power of the performing arts.

Seats for Families
is a program that will bring together the whole family for an enjoyable, engaging theatrical experience. Funds will help families that experience economic hardships with financial assistance to see a Broadway show.

Seats for Communities
is a joint effort between BGR and other community organizations. Funds will be used for outreach as it relates to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility efforts, including securing accessibility services for performances.

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