Community Spotlight: Grand Rapids Public Museum

The Grand Rapids Public Museum welcomes more than 250,000 visitors every year for a unique experience packed with a variety of cultural attractions. The mission of GRPM is “To inspire passionate curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world”. We are so excited to have GRPM as our feature organization for the month of June! Take a peek below to learn more about the museum and the tremendous impact they have on our community.

History of GRPM

Founded in 1854, the Grand Rapids Public Museum is the oldest museum in Michigan and contains more than 250,000 artifacts and specimens! It has been a key educational resource to the West Michigan community for 168 years!

The Spillman Carousel

One of GRPM's most famous attractions, the Spillman carousel was manufactured by Spillman Engineering of New York in 1928, and it is incredibly rare. The 1928 Spillman Carousel is one of only three special park carousels to have been produced!

The Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium

One of the more recent additions to the GRPM, the Planetarium is named after Grand Rapids' born astronaut Roger B. Chaffee, who lost his life in the 1967 Appolo 1 spacecraft fire.
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