Enabling Remote Start on Your BMW

BMW Remote Start

Start your BMW before walking out the door. Sharpe BMW Genius, Dan Bui, explains how to enable the remote start in your BMW.

Setting Up Remote Start in Your BMW

Step 1: Set Your BMW Up with Remote Start

To set up remote start in your BMW push the "Menu" button, located under your iDrive 7.0 screen. After accessing your menu, click "Preconditioning/Ventilation." Select the "Remote Start" option, checking and approving the disclaimer.

Note: Remote start is only available with iDrive 7.0.

Step 2: Lock Your BMW Using the Key Fob

To utilize remote start after setting it up, lock your vehicle with your key fob.

Step 3: Click the Lock Button on the Key Fob 3 Times

Once your vehicle is locked, click the lock button three times very quickly. This will start your BMW.

Successfully setting up your BMW with remote start will allow you to start your vehicle, remotely, by pushing the lock button on your key fob. If you experience any issues in setting up your BMW with remote start reach out to Sharpe BMW Genius, Dan Bui, via phone (616-222-0538) or email ([email protected]).

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