The new Land Rover Discovery offers multiple options for drivers who want power and off-road performance married to their luxury models. The Land Rover also came out with the Discovery Sport has a new exterior design, better technology, and a 48-V hybrid drivetrain. With greater performance options, the Discovery gets 340 horsepower in the base. The secondary option is a turbodiesel trim that drives like a dream and gets better fuel economy.

While the Discovery is a luxury midsize SUV, it definitely delivers more power and towing capacity than most. The Premium Transverse Architecture was designed to give the Discovery a stronger but leaner body. The new Land Rover also comes with off-roading packages. You can now opt for the Terrain Response 2, all-terrain wheels, and two-speed transfer case. Every engine also comes with an all-wheel-drive powertrain.

Are you ready for more performance or off-road adventures? You can test drive the latest Discovery when you head to Sharpe.


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