Meet the Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar brand has long been synonymous with luxury and performance. For these reasons, Jaguar vehicles remain popular with many. Now, environmentally conscious individuals have the chance to meet the I-Pace. The Jaguar sedan runs on electricity alone. We have the new vehicles at Sharpe. Make arrangements to take a test drive.

The exterior of the I-Pace appears aggressive, elegant and sleek. The profile is aerodynamic while the overall frame is wide and low to the ground. The wheel wells feature arches and the rear diffuser provides a sporty, athletic appearance. The design enables the sedan to move smoothly along the road without resistance from air drag.

The grille is bold and curves inward, which further minimizes drag by diverting air through the hood scoop and out over the top of the vehicle. The futuristic appearing headlights and tail lights contain LED bulbs, which glow brighter while using less power. The panoramic, glass moon roof completes the look.


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