Available as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Range Rover Sport leads its class in efficiency, off-road performance and other capabilities. Sharpe encourages customers to learn about the car's sophisticated powertrain, which includes a 2.0 L gas engine with the patented Ingenium label.

A high-voltage battery and the Integrated Starter Generator are some critical components under the hood of this PHEV. Regenerative Braking reuses mechanical energy that's lost by the brakes during a stop or deceleration. This luxury Range Rover SUV also has the Integrated Hybrid Automatic Transmission for optimal changes in gear ratios. Some modes that are available in the efficient gearbox include the Internal Combustion Engine and EV. You can also activate the SAVE function by tapping the touch screen in the cockpit. Additionally, the Predictive Energy Optimization technology is synced with the car's built-in GPS navigation system. The PEO regulates the energy usage of the car based on your destination.



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