Discover the BMW 5 Series

For a number of years, the vehicles that are part of the BMW 5 Series have been considered among the very best on the luxury market. The BMW 5 Series sedans provide elegant interiors along with sleek and aerodynamic exterior designs. When you view the 5 Series vehicles at The Sharpe Collection, you will see that these cars are designed with class.

One of the distinctive features of the 5 Series vehicles is that they are designed with comfort in mind. Many vehicles are equipped with heated front seats, but the 5 Series takes this to another level. These cars are equipped with heated seats in the rear so that all are comfortable.

The 5 Series vehicles also feature all-wheel drive. You will have tremendous traction control when you drive these cars. All-wheel drive monitors to see which wheels need the most torque so that you are safer in bad weather conditions.



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