Talk about a “zip” car. The BMW M4 GTS is the ultimate in small luxury cars with the power to compete on the track. The vehicle is street approved, so driving around town in a BMW M4 GTS is not a problem.

BMW included a unique water assisted engine in the M4 GTS to provide an added acceleration even at the low range. With a top speed of 195-mph, the M4 GTS exceeds all other high-speed limits of the other BMW models by 40-mph. The designers removed the back seats to reduce weight, added new carbon-fiber parts above the center of gravity to reduce roll, and added extra power to the steering system for faster response.

At The Sharpe Collection, we offer the BMW M4 GTS to those who seek the thrill of the track while enjoying the pure pleasure of driving around our town with an impressively designed, hard-core vehicle.



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