Taste Luxury With the BMW 6 Series

The 6 Series has been a valuable chunk of BMW's lineup for years, but they've taken their offerings to the next level for the 2018 season with the addition of the Gran Turismo body type joining past years' Gran Coupe and Alpina B6 styles.

Although each of these vehicles has different advantages in design and the depth of the luxury provided, there are things they all share - distinguishing details like BMW logos drawing the eye to careful swoops of the frame and standardized full LED headlights with adaptive adjustment features.

If you're looking for something truly astounding, then give the Alpina B6 a try - hand-tuned and hand-painted, these vehicles are the very peak of the 6 Series' exclusive luxury. The B6 offers features like having your favorite color stitched into your leather seats for contrast and more.

If the 6 Series catches your eye then visit our showroom at The Sharpe Collection, where we'll find a quote that's right for you!



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