Remembering Safety First During a Roadside Emergency

A vehicle emergency can happen for various reasons such as a flat tire, overheating or even faulty windshield wipers during a rainstorm. When you find yourself in an emergency situation, remember to remain calm and to assess the situation with a short-term goal to getting you and your passengers in a safer situation.

Although your emergency flashers should be turned on, it’s also important to use emergency flares or an emergency triangle. Depending on your specific situation and the weather, it’s also advisable to step away from the vehicle and far enough away from highway traffic while waiting for assistance.

Our staff at The Sharpe Collection recommends that you never stand directly outside the vehicle longer than necessary and to be mindful of all surroundings while exiting the vehicle. Remember to keep us in mind when your vehicle needs servicing or needed repairs. Our service center is fully staffed with trained service professionals, so plan your visit today!

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