Keeping Your Tires on the Road in the Rain

When it rains, the roads get wet, but when it rains hard the road can fail to drain the water fast enough. When enough water pools on the roadway, hydroplaning can become a hazard.

Hydroplaning happens when you drive too fast over standing water, causing your tires lose contact with the road. This often happens at freeway speeds. When it does, it can be like driving on ice, causing spinouts and accidents. The best way to avoid hydroplaning is driving slower in heavy downpours and not letting your tires lose too much tread before replacing them.

If you think you might be due for new tires, bring your vehicle to our service center in Grand Rapids for an inspection. Here at The Sharpe Collection, we have certified automotive technicians who can answer any questions you have and recommend the best tires for your vehicle and budget.

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