Get an ASE Certified Mechanic and Be Safe

Everyone knows a guy who does car repairs on the side for a lower price. Backyard mechanics like this do good work, but they do not offer a guarantee. Technicians or mechanics who work for large chains usually need to have the ASE certification, as well as ours at The Sharpe Collection.

The Automotive Service Excellence Certification exists because a group of mechanics believed they needed to improve their professions quality of service. Since the 1970s they have offered training and testing. ASE’s mission is to make sure automotive center customers get the high-quality service customers to need and deserve.

Today the certifications serve as a way of making sure a mechanic has the knowledge and skills he needs to work on a customer’s car before a large automotive chain hires them. Any mechanic can take the tests the non-profit organization offers. Car owners who need service know they can trust certified mechanics to fix their car right the first time.



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