Ride in Luxury in a BMW 7 Series Sedan

The BMW 7 Series is a top-of-the-line full-size sedan. It offers an array of quality features that any driver would appreciate, and there are a few different versions available at The Sharpe Collection.

Almost everything seems responsive in the vehicle. The front grille moves back and forth depending on how much air is needed to cool things down, the ambient lighting can be customized, and you can use voice controls or a touchscreen to access information. Additionally, the Active Protection System can predict accidents and then close windows, tighten seatbelts, and activate post-crash braking.

Under the hood, Twin Turbo technology gives the engine the power it needs to navigate the roads almost effortlessly. Responsive handling is evident whether you're just going town the street or are traveling on the highway. All of these components make the 7 Series stand apart.



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