Overview of BMW's X Models

BMW's entry into the popular luxury SUV class is the X Series, a collection of crossover models that have the sport utility modern drivers seek coupled with the luxury, technology and performance options associated with finer automobiles. Traverse the highway or off-road with equal ease in comfort and unparalleled safety.

With classic BMW styling that includes the iconic kidney-shaped front grille, the X Series features four-door hatchback convenience, aerodynamic design and a powerful engine. Beginning with the base model X1's 228-horsepower engine, the X Series ascends to a full 456 horsepower in the X5 and X7.

The interior of the X Series offers a large touchscreen dominating the dashboard and providing the latest in information and entertainment technology. Seats are ergonomically designed for full support and finished in detailed stitching. Folding rear seats extend the cargo bay for extra holding space. Built-in cargo nets keep small items contained, and the nearly 60-cubic-foot cargo area accommodates almost anything.



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