Don't Ignore Your Dashboard Warnings

Dashboard warning lights are a great indicator of current or upcoming issues with your vehicle. They can be triggered by things as simple as low fuel warnings or can warn of larger engine troubles. These small images give you a snapshot of the current status of your car.

Here are some of the most common warning lights you'll experience:

  • Engine temperature light - Indicates your engine is too hot.
  • Tire pressure warning - Air pressure in one (or more) tire is too low.
  • Oil pressure - Engine needs more oil.
  • Traction control - Traction system is engaged (roads may be slippery)
  • Engine warning - Engine needs attention to be diagnosed.
  • Battery alert - Charging system is malfunction. Usually car is running strictly on battery power.
  • Fuel indicator - Low fuel warning, fact: if you pay attention to the direction of the nozzle on your fuel indication image, it points in the direction of your fuel door.

Always remember to check with your owner's manual for more information specific to your car. You also shouldn't hesitate to seek professional help. The service center at The Sharpe Collection in Grand Rapids, MI can help you determine what's going on with your car.

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