Make Sure You Properly Pack Your Holiday Food

Whether you are bringing your homemade treats to a family get-together, or you are lucky enough to be bringing home some leftovers, planning ahead can save you a big mess. Nobody wants to clean messy spills from their car.

Make sure you don't drive with open containers in your vehicle. This is important to not only protect the food you are traveling with, but this also protects you. In the instance of having to break suddenly, the last thing you need is to be worrying about something spilling.

Utilize travel containers with lids that fit securely. There are so many affordable options to have on hand these days. You can keep some handy at your own home as well, to make sure you can pack up leftovers safely for other people who come to your home. No container is perfect though, so be sure to bring an additional box with you that's big enough to hold all of your food. This can save you from unfortunate messes.

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