The Benefit of Flushing the System When Coolant is Replaced

Every vehicle has a recommended schedule for inspecting or replacing automotive fluids. The level of coolant should be checked on a regular basis. The coolant must eventually be replaced in order to prolong the life of your engine. Despite its name, coolant is essential for both heating and cooling.

The main purpose of coolant is to maintain the operating temperature of the engine. Coolant circulates continuously through the engine and the radiator. Coolant also heats the passenger compartment. When your heat is switched on, hot coolant is diverted through tubing underneath the front dash. After extended use, coolant tends to degrade and lose its effectiveness.

Coolant replacement usually entails a flush of the cooling system. After the coolant is drained, water is flushed through the cooling system. By flushing the system, any accumulated debris is removed. As a result, the fresh coolant is more effective. Visit The Sharpe Collection in Grand Rapids to have your cooling system serviced.

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